Hi, my name is Daniel Howard. If you know me well, then you might also call me DHow. I am an applied mathematician with keen interests in high performance computing, solving environmental problems, and tackling climate change.
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My name is Daniel Howard. Friends also call me DHow ("Dee-How").

I am a High Performance Computing (HPC) Consultant currently with UCAR and the National Center for Atmospheric Research. I work under the Consulting Services Group and the Computational & Information Systems Lab. My interests in HPC include numerical algorithm development, GPU computing, and computational fluid dynamics. In my own research, I like to study monsoon systems and interactions between monsoon dynamics, social policy/disaster response, and climate change.

As a graduate researcher (ABD), I earned a M.S. at the University of Notre Dame in the Dept. of Applied & Computational Math & Statistics. I also studied under the GLOBES Certificate program with a graduate minor in Computational Science and Engineering. I earned my B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Applied Math, Engineering, & Physics.

As for personal interests, I'm passionate about rock climbing, renewable energy & grid optimization, and social/climate justice via public policy, volunteering with Engineers and Scientists Acting Locally and Citizen's Climate Lobby. At ND, I founded the SIAM Student Chapter and led the Science Policy Initiative. Lastly, I am an avid musician playing violin/French horn/singing, looking for new groups to join.
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